Audition Info


Audition details for our next show will be published shortly.

Auditions for the NNOS main production are normally held in either July or September each year or both July and September. Application to audition is by on-line Application Form.

The NNOS auditions are “Open” auditions. Anyone can apply – current member or not – and we will cast the person that the Director and Auditioning Panel feels has given the best audition on the day and who is most suitable for the part.

The Auditioning panel will consist of the Director, Musical Director, Assistant to the Director, Choreographer, Society Chairman and a pianist.

Auditionees must learn their pieces by heart – no scripts or music can be used on the day unless the Director requests that you read for a different part. Should the auditionee not be successful in the chosen part the Director may consider you for alternative parts.

We normally arrange for two ‘Sing throughs’ of the audition pieces in the two weeks before the audition date. The sing throughs for the show are an ideal opportunity to hear and try out the singing audition pieces and hear the MD’s thoughts about interpretation.

If the production has a heavy reliance on dance then the Society will normally arrange for a dance workshop to be held in the weeks preceding auditions where the Director will set some routines that will form part of the audition process.

Results of the auditions will be published on the NNOS Website as soon after the Auditions as practicable.