Hello All, below are final timings for Auditions on Sunday 18th September

Location:  The Chapel, Douro Place, Norwich, NR2 4BQ

10:00am to 11:15am      Dance workshop. All Auditionees are required to attend this workshop to learn the dance routines that will be performed later in the day.  Please wear appropriate rehearsal clothes and shoes and bring a hand towel or tea towel for the “Dirty Laundry” routine.

11:15am to 1:30pm        Auditions for Jennifer Gabriel, Michael Spofford and Little Girl and casting of Fidel – individual timings below.

2:00pm to 2:30pm          Auditions for ALL going for Gina, Greta or Brenda

2:30pm to 3:00pm          Auditions for ALL going for Marge

3:00pm to 3:15pm          ALL MEN. Auditions for those not already sung and ensemble dance for all.

3:15pm onwards            ALL LADIES. Auditions for those not already sung and ensemble dance for all.


Please email me if you will not be auditioning.

Individual timings for Jennifer Gabriel, Michael Spofford, Little Girl and Fidel are:

AUDITION FOR Full Name Start time
Jennifer Gabriel Isabelle Anderson 11:15 AM
Megan Arthurton 11:20 AM
Olivia Dolman 11:25 AM
Alisha Hart 11:30 AM
Alexandra Hever 11:35 AM
Lauren Hewitt 11:40 AM
Jasmine Instone-Brewer 11:45 AM
Olivia Jermy 11:50 AM
Demi Mayne 11:55 AM
Jennifer Pallister 12:00 PM
Fritha Roberts 12:05 PM
Rebekah Watts 12:10 PM
Claire Welham 12:15 PM
Michael Spofford James Horsley 12:20 PM
Joseph Reed 12:25 PM
Jack Rushworth 12:30 PM
Charles Tweed 12:40 PM
Ryan Young 12:45 PM
Little Girl Ellie Browne 12:50 PM
Sophie Chapman 12:55 PM
Olivia Dolman 1:00 PM
Kerri England 1:05 PM
Jessica Irving 1:10 PM
Demi Mayne 1:15 PM
Michelle Web 1:20 PM
Fidel James Bell 1:25 PM
Ryan Young 1:30 PM