Guys and Dolls Cast List


Sky Masterson                   Phil Ormerod
Nathan Detroit                  Nick Bird
Miss Adelaide                    Andrea Ferguson
Sarah Brown                      Holly Graham
Nicely-Nicely Johnson     Joseph Betts
Benny Southstreet            Craig Loxston
Harry the Horse                Alex Glenn
Big Jule                               Mark Wells
Lt Brannigan                      Ray Tempesta
Angie the Ox                       David Van den Bergh

Rusty Charlie                     To be cast

Joey Biltmore                    To be cast
Arvide Abernathy             To be cast
General Cartwright          To be cast

Mission Band – Agatha        Rowena Croston-Clegg
Mission Band – Calvin         Lavinia Pirrett
Mission Band – Martha       Cassie Woolley

Hotbox Girl         Kezia Dunham
Hotbox Girl          Jenny Hutchins
Hotbox Girl          Claire Ford
Hotbox Girl          Rebecca Maitland
Hotbox Girl          Rose Williams
Hotbox Girl          Kathryn White

Ray Tempesta
Josiah Blake
Ryan Young
Rowena Croston-Clegg
Kezia Dunham
Jenny Hutchins
Lucie Curtis
Niamh Church
Claire Ford
Rebecca Maitland
Sharon Morter
Lavinia Pirrett
Cassie Woolley
Lesley Rix


We will be looking to fill the uncast parts in the next two weeks. Please contact us if you are interested.