Membership Information and Application


There are currently three types of membership – Full, Friends and Honorary Life.


Open to anyone and renewable in September each year. This membership entitles the member to vote at AGM, attend rehearsals and take part in the production. It is split into two categories – Acting and Non-Acting.

The fee for both is the same and is currently £25.00 per year.

Acting Membership is for those who have been cast in the current production and who will appear on stage during the production.

Non-Acting is for those who wish to be part of the production either by being a member of the production management team or working backstage or behind the scenes to assist with the current production. This category also includes those who, for whatever reason, cannot be part of the production but still wishes to be a voting member of the society. Non-Acting Membership also allows the member to attend rehearsals when convenient and by appointment.


Open to anyone who wishes to support the Society and renewable at any time during the year. This membership does not entitle the member to a vote at the AGM. Friends’ donations are used to supplement the income of the Society and entitle the member to receive three newsletters a year, an invitation to the annual Christmas rehearsal / party and inclusion into draws for free tickets to the Society’s production.

The cost of this membership is by donation with a recommended minimum of £10.00 per person.



This membership is a gift of the Chairman and Committee and is awarded to those members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the Society over a number of years.


Membership Application

Click here to download a membership form that can be printed or emailed