NNOS Complaints Procedure


Complaints Procedure

The Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society (hereby known as “NNOS”) expects a high standard of conduct and behaviour, however this procedure needs to be in place to enable members of NNOS to make a complaint about other members of the society if necessary.


Complaints where appropriate should be dealt with informally, by initial discussion with the person concerned.

If this does not satisfy the complainant then he/she should take the matter for discussion to the Chairman, Production Manager or any Committee Member.

The Chairman, Production Manager or any Committee Member will make an initial decision on how to deal with the complaint by one of the following :-

·         Finalise the complaint with the complainant without further investigation

·         Take the matter up with the person concerned if requested to do so by the complainant

·         Take the matter up with the person concerned without the request of the complainant if it is decided that the complaint required further action

Such informal discussions will not be officially recorded and it will be made clear that they do not form part of the official complaint procedure.



·         The complaint should be raised with the Chairman. This should be done in writing, via email to the standard email address.

·         The Chairman will convene meetings with relevant parties to look into the complaint if possible within 10 working days of receiving the request.

·         The Chairman alone makes the decision, but may consult with the rest of the committee before any decision is made.

·         If the situation is potentially a disciplinary one the disciplinary procedure will be followed.


·         If the complaint is still not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant s/he must make a written request to the Chairman for stage two (the appeal stage of the complaint procedure.)

·         At this point the committee as a whole should convene a meeting to investigate the complaint.

·         If the complaint is against the Chairman the complainant should speak to the society’s Vice-Chair about how to propose a motion of censure or no confidence at a General Meeting of the society.

·         Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this procedure it is not intended to be a complete guide to the law.


This is the Complaint Procedure policy of the Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society. It will be reviewed every two years.

Date of next review, 1st November 2020

Signed, Rose Williams

Position, Committee Member

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