NNOS Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure


Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

The Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society (hereby know as “NNOS”) expects a high standard of conduct, integrity and loyalty from its member/volunteers.  Members/volunteers should expect the same from the NNOS.  Disciplinary and grievance procedures are helpful to the proper and successful functioning of NNOS and exist to ensure that issues are addressed and all individuals are treated fairly. Members and Volunteers are encouraged to discuss ordinary, day to day concerns informally.  This allows them to be addressed promptly and can stop situations escalating unnecessarily.

Disciplinary procedure

The Disciplinary Procedure should be used to deal with situations where conduct calls NNOS into disrepute or seriously impairs its efficient running.  The procedure applies to all members/volunteers.

Examples of misconduct which may lead to formal disciplinary action being taken may include (but are not limited to):-

•        Refusal to comply with reasonable requests from the production team and/or committee

•        Prolonged absence from rehearsal where attendance is required

•        Theft

•        Abusive language

·         Physical violence

•        Incapacity to perform due to drunkenness or unauthorised drug-taking

•        Harassment of any NNOS employees, volunteers, members, visitors, clients or partners

•        Breach of confidentiality

•        Breach of NNOS regulations, rules or conditions including those relating to Health and Safety

•        Prolonged bad attitude

•        Serious misrepresentation or negative representation of NNOS

•        Unsatisfactory performance of the duties of the role


Informal procedure

In the event of an issue arising, the Chairman, Director, or nominated committee member should arrange to have an informal discussion with the member/volunteer. This should result in sufficient improvement within a given timescale, so that no further action needs to be taken.  This discussion will be conducted informally and no note of the discussion and agreed actions will be kept.

Formal procedures

If the informal discussions have not improved the member/volunteer’s conduct or performance within the given timescale or if it emerges that there are allegations of a serious nature, the Production Manager or Chairman should arrange a formal meeting with the member/volunteer with the following conditions.

• The member/volunteer should be informed of the date and time of the meeting in writing, and given every opportunity to attend

• This should include a statement setting out in writing the member/volunteer’s alleged conduct, characteristics, or other circumstances, which have led to action being contemplated

• The member/volunteer should be given the opportunity to bring a friend or colleague and a reasonable opportunity (usually one week) to consider their response to the information given to them

• The meeting should be held in a quiet room which will be free of interruptions

• The meeting should be held by the Chairman or Production Manager with at least one other person besides the member/volunteer present to take notes

• The member/volunteer should be given an opportunity to fully explain their side of the story and to respond to allegations

• If reasonable steps to attend the meeting are not taken by the member/volunteer, the meeting may continue in their absence

Potential outcomes

A hearing may result in no warning at all being issued, a verbal warning (that will be confirmed in writing), a written warning, a final written warning or a dismissal.  Following the meeting the member/volunteer must be informed of the decision made in writing including, how long it will last, the action which may be taken if there is insufficient improvement, the right to appeal and details of a named person to whom they can appeal.  A copy will be filed in the member/volunteer records, where it will remain for the relevant duration.

Appeals procedure

If a member/volunteer wishes to appeal, they must write to the named person (see above) giving their reasons for their appeal. This person will be responsible for arranging a meeting with the member/volunteer who must take all reasonable steps to attend. The member/volunteer will also have an opportunity to be accompanied to this meeting.  Following the meeting the member/volunteer must receive written notification of the final decision. A copy will be kept on file.


This is the Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure Policy of the Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society. It will be reviewed every two years


Date of next review, 1st November 2020

Signed, Rose Williams

Position, Committee Member

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