Top Hat Characterisations and Audition pieces

A message from Chris Cuming, director for Top Hat.

Hello all,
Looking forward to seeing your auditions.
As you’ll see from the audition pieces below, there are no dialogue auditions ( apart from Bates). The reason I’ve made this decision is that I believe strongly in Acting Through Song and if you’re able to deliver a song that’s acted then you can do a scene. Also I will be able to see how versatile you are whilst performing your song.
Song is text, just musically underscored. I want to see how you deliver the song, the acting choices you make and how you tell me a story. You need to understand the song and it’s meaning and purpose in the show.
You may be asked to speak your song as if it was a piece of text, which you would need to do in accent as you would also do when singing.
Best wishes and good luck
Chris Cuming

Download breakdown of vocal numbers for all parts and ensemble.  Top hat vocals structure

Jerry Travers
A song-and-dance man and ‘Broadway sensation’. Direct from New York, the handsome
entertainer is in London to star in a new musical revue, and will soon be the talk of the
town. The charming bachelor has an irrepressible sense of fun, enjoying mischief-making and his
‘no strings’ lifestyle. But all that’s set to change when he meets…

Vocal Audition – ‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails’ bars 19 – 68.   Download Jerry Travers vocal score

Dale Tremont
A society model and fellow American. Currently in London modelling her dressmaker’s latest
designs, she enjoys her equally single life, spending her free-time horse riding. The confident,
independent young woman counters Jerry’s charm with her dry wit, the two singletons relishing
their sparring matches and flirtatious encounters.

Vocal Audition – ‘Better Luck Next Time’ – bars 4 – 48    Download Dale Tremont vocal score

Horace Hardwick
A wealthy English gentleman who invests in theatrical ventures, producing the musical revue in
which Jerry’s about to make his London debut. As an older man, the bumbling but well-meaning
Horace feels a responsibility towards the young entertainer, but those closest to the entrepreneur
tend to outwit him, especially Madge.

Vocal Audition – ‘Outside Of That’ – bars 50 – 80.  Download  Horace Hardwick vocal score

Madge Hardwick
The twice-married American socialite and amateur matchmaker. The tough and sassy Madge has
Horace – and his wallet – firmly in hand, busying herself with the affairs of others, in particular her
old friend Dale’s love life. Her ill-fated attempts to match the society model with Jerry lead to
unintended complications.

Vocal Audition – ‘Outside Of That’ – bars 2 – 33.   Download Madge Hardwick vocal score

Alberto Beddini
The flamboyant Italian designer with an affliction for malapropisms, also Dale’s benefactor. He
harbours a secret desire for his model and muse, a passion inflamed with jealousy when he
discovers a rival for her affections, the newly-arrived Jerry.

Vocal Audition – ‘Latins Know How’ – bars 21 – 52.   Download Albert Beddini vocal score

Horace’s long-suffering valet. His tendency for cryptic family sayings belies his shrewdness, and
it’s the butler’s erratic flair for disguise and deception that ultimately triumphs over adversity.

Vocal audition – ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’ – bars 23 – 69.   Download Bates vocal score
Lib audition –  Download Bates LIB Audition

Ensemble – Various Other Roles.
There are around 27 other speaking parts within the production, from Lady 1 to Broadway dancer
in the production. These will be cast from within the ensemble and not as an individual audition.

Vocal Audition – Melody line of  ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’ – bars 23 – 69.   Download Ensemble Vocal Score