Witches of Eastwich – SING THROUGH DATE CHANGE

Auditions for the main principal roles of Darryl, Alex, Jane, Sukie, Clyde and Felicia are being held on SUNDAY 3rd JULY.
Sing-throughs will be held at the Chapel, Douro Place on TUESDAY 28th JUNE as planned but the FRIDAY 1st JULY sing-through WILL NOT NOW TAKE PLACE. It has had to be brought forward to THURSDAY 30th JUNE, again at the Chapel, both to start at 7:30pm. Apologies for this change.
Please note that this is not part of the Audition process and your attendance is not compulsory, however, is advisable for you to attend at least one of these events as our MD, Geoff Davidson,will be giving you some pointers on what he will be looking for in the vocals and taking you through them. I will also be able to give you more information and answer any questions about the audition process . For those of you still unsure which part you wish to audition for you will be able to use this opportunity to help you make any changes to your original applications.
Please make sure that you bring along the audition pieces for any part that you wish to audition for and any that you wish to be considered for as we will not have vocal scores to work from.
Auditions on Sunday 3rd July will be in a slightly different format this year so please keep the whole of the day free as we will be making call-backs. More on this at the Sing-through.